Open Source Projects

Here are a couple of open-source projects by me


GitHub: django-startproject

Description: django-startproject is a streamlined tool designed to kickstart Django projects swiftly with advanced configurations pre-set. This project aims to eliminate the hassle of repetitive setup tasks by providing a single command solution for initializing Django projects with essential configurations and best practices in place.


GitHub: python-phishing-url-detection

Description: With python-phishing-url-detection, developers and security professionals can enhance their defenses against phishing attacks by quickly identifying suspicious URLs and taking appropriate action. Integrate this library into your security arsenal and bolster your protection against phishing threats.


GitHub: py-mongo-backup-restore

PyPI: py-mongo-backup-restore

Description: Python Library to Backup and Restore MongoDB


GitHub: py-simple-email

PyPI: py-simple-email

Description: Python Simple Email Sender (using Threads)


GitHub: python_export_file_info

PyPI: python-export-file-info

Description: Export files information from directory and subdirectory with process monitor.


GitHub: drf-simple-task-tracker

Description: The Simple Task Tracker Application is a basic task management project designed to help users keep track of their tasks easily. This initial version provides essential functionalities for adding, updating, and deleting tasks.


GitHub: yougrabber-nextjs

Description: yougrabber-nextjs is a web application built with Next.js that enables users to download YouTube thumbnails quickly and easily.


GitHub: google-maps-live-location

Description: google-maps-live-location is a web application designed to facilitate live location tracking using the Google Maps API.


GitHub: php-face-recognition

Description: php-face-recognition is a PHP library for implementing facial recognition functionality in web applications.


GitHub: node-encrypter

npmjs: node-encrypter

Description: npm simple module to easily encrypt and decrypt strings & passwords.


GitHub: py-simple-thumbnail

Description: py-simple-thumbnail is a Python library designed to convert text into thumbnail images quickly and easily.

Face Recognition with Django Rest Framework & React JS

DRF GitHub: django-rest-face-login

React GitHub: webcam-auth-react

Description: This project combines the power of Django Rest Framework (DRF) on the backend and React JS on the frontend to implement a facial recognition system. The system allows users to upload images containing faces, which are then processed on the server-side to recognize and identify individuals. The detected faces are then returned to the frontend along with any associated metadata.

Simple Multiple File Upload with Django Rest Framework & React JS

GitHub: react-drf-multiple-fileupload-project

Demo Video:

Description: This project demonstrates how to implement a file upload feature that allows users to upload multiple files simultaneously using React JS on the frontend and Django Rest Framework (DRF) on the backend. The frontend provides an interface for users to select and upload files, while the backend processes the uploaded files and stores them accordingly.


GitHub: react-s3-file-uploader

Description: react-s3-file-uploader is a React project designed to simplify the process of uploading files to Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)


GitHub: chat-support-django

Description: chat-support-django with AJAX is a web-based chat support system built using Django on the backend and AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) for real-time communication between clients and the server. Unlike WebSocket-based solutions, this implementation uses AJAX requests to achieve near-real-time messaging while providing broader compatibility with various hosting environments.


GitHub: razorpay-integration-django

Description: razorpay-integration-django is a Django project demonstrating the integration of the Razorpay payment gateway into Django-based web applications.


GitHub: react-survey-forms

Description: react-survey-forms is a web application built with React.js that aims to replicate the functionality of Google Forms, allowing users to create and distribute surveys and collect responses.